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About Me

Sukumar Balakrishnan is the Founder of JB GROUP, a ₹2 billion National Organization with over 1500 professionals operating from 5 major cities in India. Jayalakshmi Balakrishnan Group, a multi-faceted group venturing into, E- Commerce and Import-Export (INNOKAIZ), Retail and Wholesale (JB MART), Food and Beverages (KRISHNA FOODS ), Real Estate (Constructions on sites, Interior scaping, Facility Management)- all come under the brand name “TAIYANGXI” and offer Financial Services.

Sukumar is credited with being one of the Innovative Businessman and Entrepreneur in India. Under his guidance, INNOKAIZ has continued to ride the waves of the changing Business landscape for over 16 years, remaining at the forefront of every business revolution since 2003. While INNOKAIZ started off as a Printing & Stationary organization, it eventually evolved into a more comprehensive business organization in India.

Throughout his career, Sukumar always acknowledged that building a successful business and creating new innovation business ideas. His pioneering spirit and belief in engineering and research shaped the course of the organization and is the reason that, today, INNOKAIZ largest e-Commerce business world.

Sukumar Balakrishnan

Our History

  • 2003

    INNOKAIZ was established by Mr. Sukumar Balakrishnan in the year of 2003. INNOKAIZ is an E-commerce based...

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  • 2004

    Taiyangxi is a nationally recognized, real estate development and management company. Our objective is...

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  • 2009

    Balakrishnan Foundation, Started in the year of 2012 for Education, Health Care and Ending Poverty. - Tag Line...

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  • 2010

    TNDWWA It's a Bridge Between Govt and Workers / Labour's Getting Benefits Like Insurance / Loan / Social Supports...

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  • 2019

    BRAINSTORM AUTOMOTIVE is a dynamic and diversified enterprise offering a broad range of services in automotive...

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  • 2020

    iTirta, A Water Management Company Offering end-to-end Solutions for Water Management and Water Supplies with...

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